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Investors In View

Venture investors seek to establish meaningful equity stakes in high-growth technology companies, which makes early-stage startups the ideal opportunity.   However, investors in Africa’s venture ecosystem face challenges, complexities, and nuances unique to the continent, even within the context of the emerging world.        The investment thesis on Africa is supported by fast-growing, young, andContinue reading “Investors In View”

Founders in Focus

As African startups have launched over the past decade, pioneering local entrepreneurs have innovated their way past traditional obstacles on the continent, more boldly and rapidly than legacy companies. However, such innovation requires a significant amount of capital, as the ecosystem and customer needs evolve at such a rapid pace. This, in fact, is notContinue reading “Founders in Focus”

Policy in Context

A healthy startup ecosystem that works for founders and investors remains key to growing new African horizons.  Government policy plays an important part in creating an ecosystem for innovation and venture capital to thrive. Silicon Valley, Israel, and Singapore are examples of planned ecosystems. Compare that to the African startup ecosystem, which has risen byContinue reading “Policy in Context”

Our Continent in Context

The tech startup scene has grown significantly in Africa over the past decade, with huge increases in deal sizes, ticket sizes, and overall funding. Most of this capital has focused on the “Big Four”: Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Egypt. These nations represent more than 70% of venture capital investment into the continent. Despite theContinue reading “Our Continent in Context”

Our Place in the Ecosystem

As an advisory boutique enabling Africa’s early-stage tech founders to raise the capital they need to scale, our focus is on bridging the gap between those raising and deploying capital across the continent’s venture ecosystem.  Supporting an emerging startup on the path to scale requires more than capital; although necessary, it is not sufficient. CapitalContinue reading “Our Place in the Ecosystem”


AfrInform is a one-stop resource for Africa’s early-stage startups preparing to raise capital.  We believe in technology’s huge potential to drive Africa’s socio-economic transformation. Home to much more than a celebrated fintech scene, the African tech ecosystem continues to defy sceptics: it is a pioneering hub for innovation globally, and boasts the greatest percentage ofContinue reading “Intro”