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How VC works

“[A] growing number of venture capital teams have recognised investment opportunities, driven by large underserved African markets, the ability of entrepreneurs to design innovative business models that leverage the high penetration of mobile technology, a lack of legacy infrastructure and increasing spending power.” – Maurizio Caio, Founder and Managing Partner of TLcom CapitalWhile the aboveContinue reading “How VC works”

Angel Investors at Work

An angel investor is any affluent individual who invests their own money into early-stage startups. Compare this to a venture capital (VC) investor, who is employed by a company to invest the money invested in them by other people and institutions.  Despite their deep cash reserves, institutional financiers in the developed world have traditionally beenContinue reading “Angel Investors at Work”


For the African tech startup ecosystem to flourish, we must all work to strengthen connections between early-stage startups, investors, and other key stakeholders. From the investor’s point of view, sourcing viable African startups at the early stage relies on grassroots efforts, on-the-ground partners, and/or a well-oiled network of scouts in the area.  For founders, aContinue reading “Overview”