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About Us


Africa's young and urbanizing populations are in need of smart, innovative, and localised solutions.​

Against a backdrop of poor infrastructure and inadequate access to goods and services, startups are innovating around problems that existing businesses lack the dynamism to solve.​

Tech is playing a crucial role towards business model innovation, with startup founders driving this transformation.

Tech companies are increasing ​visibility, access, and efficiency for businesses across Africa. They are reducing the cost of vital services that communities need to grow.


Africa's startup ecosystem has attracted record levels of investment in recent years. Despite this, the percentage of early-stage funding remains low.

In 2021, of almost $5B raised within the ecosystem, $3B went to just 20 companies. It took 700 startups to raise the remaining $2B.​

Africa’s tech ecosystem cannot grow without a strong group of investors at pre-seed, seed, and pre-Series A stages. This is where AFI comes in.

We Close the Gap in the Market

For early-stage startups, AFI helps founders to understand their value and prove their worth before talking to investors. We help early-stage founders anticipate short– and long-term challenges to raising the capital they need to grow and scale.​

For investors, AFI introduces some of the most compelling opportunities from a valuation optic: those early-stage startups with the most potential to scale, on the continent with the most potential for growth.


Opaque fundraising processes present huge challenges for early-stage startup founders.

Our boutique, end-to-end support will close gaps and enable startups' growth and transition into mature, well-established companies.

We Curate a Market in the Gap