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Our Place in the Ecosystem

As an advisory boutique enabling Africa’s early-stage tech founders to raise the capital they need to scale, our focus is on bridging the gap between those raising and deploying capital across the continent’s venture ecosystem. 

Supporting an emerging startup on the path to scale requires more than capital; although necessary, it is not sufficient. Capital enables founders to execute, but it doesn’t solve the hard problems of product-market fit, customer acquisition, retention, etc. 

This is where AFI adds significant value for startups and investors. But without mentorship and knowledge transfer, high-potential companies will fail to grow into sustainable businesses. That growing investment will be rendered obsolete.

In identifying the challenges between pre-seed and growth, AFI guides founders on the path to showcasing an investor-ready company to qualified VCs and angels. Apart from access to capital, the work that will demonstrate an investor-ready business remains crucial to achieving the venture’s potential to scale.      

It’s why we offer non-financial, value-added services in the form of: 
What early-stage founders need to know about raising capital. 


Technical support 

Level the path to investor readiness 

Services for Startups

Bridging the gap between investors and Africa’s high-potential startups. 

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Investors — find promising founders first 

Partners — achieve capacity through collaboration  

Startups — set sights on scale