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For the African tech startup ecosystem to flourish, we must all work to strengthen connections between early-stage startups, investors, and other key stakeholders.

From the investor’s point of view, sourcing viable African startups at the early stage relies on grassroots efforts, on-the-ground partners, and/or a well-oiled network of scouts in the area. 

For founders, a good network of connections are essential at every stage of the startup cycle, from ideation, all the way through to exit. 

We believe the vast potential of Africa’s startup ecosystem is being held back by a funding shortfall, owed to a restricted talent-to-opportunity pipeline and a lack of the data that needs to be available to investors evaluating potential opportunities. It’s a huge gap in the market, and it’s our mission to nurture a market in the gap. 

We also help founders to understand the early-stage investor landscape, since the right (or wrong) investor can make or break an early-stage company. Amazon achieved the scale it has today because it chose to reinvest revenue at the cost of stock dividends for many years, which was made possible by Jeff Bezos cultivating investors who were aligned with his long-term vision and ready to forego a quick profit. 

In providing funders with reliable data on investor-ready startups, we give investors visibility on a pipeline of qualified opportunities for investment: early-stage startups who we’re ready to guide through growth and the potential to scale.