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Context on Next Steps 

Everybody has heard the saying, but so few really act on it: “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”       

Bridging information gaps between Africa’s early-stage startups and investors is critical on the long, and often frustrating, road to raising the capital they need to grow and scale. We guide founders through this process – whether they’re at the pre-seed, seed or pre-Series A stage – enabling them to advance on that journey step by step. 

From an investment optic, this entails preparation of a strong deck, summarising your (business) plan of action for raising in no more than 15 slides, a robust financial model, and alignment of the conditions attached to the raise, internally, as well as a comprehensive data room: housing contracts, incorporation documents, audited financials and other key elements of the documentation process.  

Practically, our end-goal is to get founders in front of investors, fully prepared with everything they want to see. That includes the preparation of a strong pitch deck: no more than 15 slides, powerfully arguing for their business plan and a robust financial model. 

Founders also need to go in with a clear idea of the conditions attached to the raise: how much equity they’re ready to part with, any growth milestones and targets they’re ready to commit to. And while any fundraising startup needs a data room – a single source of truth for all the documents and data investors need to see – we can help level that up from some necessary paperwork to a powerful case for your business’ health and potential. 

But ultimately, what’s going to make investors’ eyes light up is the product demo. A great product is just one half of that: like the pitch deck, a well-rehearsed demo needs to illustrate the problem your customers are having, and demonstrate why yours is the best solution.       

Are you ready to transition your concept into the fast-moving world? If so, now is the time to move from Start Up to Step Up.